13  Feb
Harvest Time!

Hi everyone,

Well mission accomplished! Fresh salad greens and herbs are ours for the eating! We have been enjoying the fruits of the AeroGarden Bounty’s labor. Really fresh salad and wonderful herbs.

Now, I was really bad here – so anxious to enjoy that I didn’t photograph the salads or herbs. But we have harvested and continue to do so almost daily. The salads we eat are fresh picked and the variety offers you greens for salads, sandwiches, or any other use you can think of for greens. There is a commitment required, as with any garden, to trim and harvest properly. But there aren’t any weeds to pull!

The herbs have been wonderful – fresh dill on the salmon! cilantro with the tacos, basil in sauce and on homemade marghreita pizza, parsley as a garnish on chicken dishes or in tuna or chicken salad. And the list goes on.

We tied several bunches and now have filled two small jars with dried dill. I blanched the basil, cilantro and parsley and we froze in water (ice cube trays). The cubes are now is plastic bags in the freezer waiting for chilis and sauces. We have also dried some parsley and mint.

If there is one downside, it is making sure we have distilled water. We have well water and a reverse osmosis of which neither will work.

AeroGarden does offer a great book on using the abundance of herbs with tips on freezing, drying and storing. There are recipes and good general information.

If you have been wondering if the AeroGarden works, the answer is YES! You don’t have to start out on as grand a scale as we did, but maybe consider a smaller one to get you going! We’ve talked about getting another one for peppers and to try the salsa kit.

With that said, flowers and strawberries are also options for the AeroGarden. Check out their website and you might be surprised. Also, their customer service has been as good as the product and that is important to us!

Happy cooking (and eating) ☺.

Take care,


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