Hi everyone,

It is now almost a month and success! We are so pleased with the progress of the AeroGarden Bounty’s “crops”. Salad and fresh herbs are in our future.

It is wonderful to see the herbs starting to become reality. Fresh basil is on its way into sauces and pizza. The chives don’t seem to be responding so we will have to contact AeroGarden for a replacement.

This is probably what we are looking forward to the most! Fresh greens in Minnesota and many other parts of the country are just not possible this time of the year. Come June there will be lots of opportunities (barring a wet or soggy spring) but in the meantime buying organic produce is expensive and still not reliable as it isn’t as fresh.


It shouldn’t be too much longer and the joys of a fresh salad will be ours every day!
Take care,


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Hi there,

We are moving steadily towards the reality of herbs and lettuce. These photos were taken at about the 10 day mark.
The AeroGarden Bountys are doing well and we are really pleased at what we have seen in the past week or so.

The herbs are a bit slower than the greens, but still coming along nicely.


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Hi there,

Well, it has certainly been awhile since I last posted. Life does get in the way sometimes. Anyway…

Summer left us a while ago and winter is here. What we find missing in our diet is the wonderful veggies and herbs from our CSA. Tired of buying organic greens in the clamshell package that get soggy after a day or two, we decided to experiment with growing our own in the winter.

Now as much as we wanted to grow our own salad greens and herbs we are not adventurous or brave enough to start with seedlings in little pots and deal with grow lights, etc. so we researched and found the AeroGarden. Once we made the decision, we went the whole way and purchased two of them – one for salad greens and one for herbs.

We were a bit skeptical, so I decided to photo log the way to fresh salad greens and herbs. Rather than posting a week of nothingness at a time, here is the journey from seedlings in pods to really good food!

Day of Planting:

The basics – the garden, seed pods and getting started. It is a very simple process helped along with the “Quick Start Guide”. In no time at all, we had two gardens planted.
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