I saw this video this morning and had to share – the package free store. It will be coming soon to Austin, TX. There is also a store of this type in Longmont, CO that has been open for some time, but I only knew of it because of the press for this ingredients. The CO doesn’t appear to carry local produce, but for areas that offer a long growing season, this could be a hit!

Our co-op offers a package-free philosophy for spices, bulk foods, and cleaners. You can bring in your own containers, have them weighted with a tare assigned and then use them for shopping. We bring our own produce bags, as well as shopping bags wherever we shop. To some extent, it isn’t a totally new concept, but it an idea that should be considered.

It would certainly change the way you would have to shop, but I also wonder if more frequent trips to the store wouldn’t mean more gasoline consumption. What this option does is certainly reinforce the buy local theme!

Read the post and watch the video! What do you think?


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