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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! We are looking at 2011 as a year of hope, health and prosperity and wish the same for you.

I hope your holiday season included a bit of relaxation, fun, and time spent with those you love. The new year always brings discussions of resolutions, diets, more exercise, and the like.

Last week, I read an interesting piece that treated the subject of the new year resolutions a bit differently. Following the norm, most of us have blown our resolve in about a couple of weeks and then resolve to try again. How about if we treat the changes we want to make as intentions rather than resolutions! Sometimes a change of perspective is what is needed to make something new work well.

Some suggestion for intentions:

  • If you are not vegetarian, eat at least one vegetarian meal a week. There are lots of food options providing a good blend of protein and nutrition you need without sacrificing taste.
  • Servings of fruits and veggies should take up more space on the plate.
  • Reduce the amount of white foods on your plate. There are many wonderful whole-grain breads, rye breads, or white whole-wheat blends that are better than plain old white bread. Sweet potatoes are a wonderful substitute for the standby baked potato.
  • Manage your protein choices with lean options and correct serving sizes.
  • Eat local as much as possible and organic where it counts.
  • Aim for 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week.
  • Look for healthy recipe sources (Healthy Living, Taste of Home is an excellent example).
  • Try fresh herbs or seasonings to boost flavor.

It is our intention to continue to follow many of the suggestions in the new year more so than in the past. We know our winter CSA made a huge difference in eating local and and has provided us with some wonderful options. It does cost a bit more to eat healthy and properly, but it might be worth pinching pennies somewhere else. Remember, a walk costs you nothing and does as much to clear the mind as it does exercise the body. You will see and feel the results.

Take care,


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